technical sound designer and developer with a focus on sound and interaction. Experience in different environments like electroacoustic composition, game audio, design, development, computer programming and distance learning

Oden - Latest work

this is Oden, the game I am developing at Rattingham Studios as Tech Lead and Sound Designer. This video was created in Unreal Engine by recording and rendering gameplay level sequences with the Take Recorder plugin.\n I then edited the video in Da Vinci Resolve, designed sound in Ableton Live Studio 11 with some Max/MSP patching and\n foley art. The designed sound is now in the process of being ported to Wwise, which is the Audio Middleware\n I have decided to use for the project.


music and audio art


subdiv is an audio/visual composition I have made with the use of repetition and subdivision layering. Each sound is looped using layered subdivisions of a base sample. Sound is synthesized in Ableton Live through a Max4Live patch and organized with Javascript and NodeJS. Video is audioreactive, produced with Unreal Engine 4, it is in communication with a Max patch through SocketIO. This youtube video is a "blank" example of the work, it is intended to be performed in a large space and projection mapped on different surfaces.

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creatures.sandbox is an audio/visual composition performed live. creatures is a system I have made in Unity2019. It is a boids based audiovisual genetic granulator. Each group of dots represents a sound generated by the genetic algorithm, a creature species. Through a textual interface the performer can interact with the environment or directly with creatures, stimulating, allowing reproduction and evolution or killing them. Everything in creatures is developed in Unity, creature behavior is coded in C#. Sound is generated starting by audio clips as base genes for the genetic algorithm, then granular synthesis is completely managed at real-time in Unity AudioFilter, in C#. Everything is spatialized with the Resonance Audio plugin.

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behavior tree based music composition

for my master's degree I have developed a scriptable multi-root behavior tree to organize the events and logics of my music in a tree based system. this is a simple example of the system playing the first part of piano phase, the system outputs OSC messages, synthesis is done by Ableton Live.

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concerts and more music

I have played concerts in Milan, with the network laptop orchestra "1h20nein". An acousmonium concert, opening Robert Henke (aka Monolake) (2015). Played with the same orchestra in Birmingham at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire for the Unlimited Mind: Suona Italiano festival (2014). creatures.sandbox was performed in Vilnius for the 3rd International Conference "Music and Sound Design in Film and New Media, Soundscapes and Immersive Sound" at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (2019).

1h20nein with Giovanni Cospito and Robert Henke 1h20nein with Giovanni Cospito and Robert Henke in the San Fedele Acousmonium Hall (Milan)

games and software

Unreal Engine multiplayer from scratch using SocketIO, NodeJS and Advanced Locomotion System Community

I have recreated a replication system in UE 4.27 (soon moved to UE5) using the SocketIO plugin, NodeJS for the backend and ALS Community for the locomotion system. The system accepts an infinite number of players, keeps track of character and airship spawn/destroy, position, rotation and a variety of states. In this video latency was 150+ milliseconds, interpolation is dealt by the client. In order to represent character position correctly on a ship remotely I have developed a switch between world position and relative ship position, this greatly improves player remote position on fast moving objects when latency is present.


cidLink is a room based, easy to setup, real-time server/client communication system built for the internet, if features reliable connections even on mobile networks. A max package is available on the official max package manager under the name CidLink For Max

CidLink for Max Package in the package manager

more info can be found in the software section of this website or at the following link

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cidreader is a room based open source cooperative realtime PDF reader for the web. Created to help with music distance learning and performance. Based on CidLink and PDFjs.

visit cidreader.com

pat-ton, behavior tree music sequencer

pat-ton is a conditional sequencer based on behavior trees, I created it to organize the events and logics of my music in a tree based system. It uses PixiJS, Electron, OSC-js and BehaviorTreeJS. This is a simple example of the system playing the first part of piano phase, the system outputs OSC messages, synthesis is done by Ableton Live.

academy, research, teaching

I have studied computer science applied to music, I then graduated in Electronic Music, Video and Multimedia at Conservatorio G. Verdi di Milano (BA). I have worked at SAE London and Playmagic Malta as an Erasmus Trainee. After that I got my Master's degree at Conservatorio G. Verdi di Torino. I worked in the academy as well, for Conservatorio di Milano as a consultant in the "intermusic" distance learning research group and for TempoReale, where I developed CidReader and CidLink, with other publications that can be found in the publications page of this website. I have been appointed external professor for the Master in academic tutoring (1° Level) at Conservatorio G. Verdi di Milano.

TNC19presentation picture of my presentation at the TNC19 in Tallin


audio and sound design




gameplay design




ableton live


unity and C#


unreal engine and blueprints/C++


javascript / nodeJS




WWise (learning fast!)